Spiritual Journey

It is said that the spiritual journey of healing is the path most difficult. Few people genuinely have the stamina, the courage, the technique as well as the wish to comply with the path of the spiritual warrior. For those that do, they might subject themselves to mock, ridicule, and sometimes physical stressors or emotionally tormented. It is a course of loneliness.

When we first step onto the path, it may be the result of a personal crises. Sometimes a divorce, a death of a loved one, a financial problem or a health crises. Many times the old ways of dealing with problems have become empty. We seek answers and they aren’t there. Friends say get over it, he wasn’t for you, yet the question of will love again exists. The priest says it is God’s will and yet how could God take away your child before their time? These superficial responses lead to seeking answers from new and alternative methods.

The path may lead to seeking an astrologer that can offer deeper insight into the karma and path of your life or lives around you. Meditation can bring up memories long forgotten and uncover hidden agendas deep in the subconscious. Rebirthing can give you a sense of release and new starts. Soul retrieval can help heal the wounds from trauma. All of these methods can be applied as you move on your spiritual journey.

It is fairly easy to comply with a religion; a spiritual course that several pursue in the security of the team, adhering to a certain idea system. Several religious groups were evolved with wedding spirituality and also political correctness of a specific ideological background of a particular era.

Real spirituality is the course of the mystic. It is the path of expedition with personal experience, without religious conviction, exercised in the realm of the spirit. It is the path of acknowledgment of truth. It is feasible to live spiritual facts within the bounds of spiritual teachings, when you tap into true discrimination to distinguish exactly what is strictly dogma and just what is brings a person towards love.


Some spiritual gurus that the path of the spiritual warrior is not one that we seek, however one that seeks us. We are driven to follow the call of love even if we might not be actively seeking love.

It is a inner voice, or message that is relentless and when encountered with it we are compelled to listen. The process of spiritual transformation suggest that we let go of many of the concepts that we have. The window of chance is simply that, as well as we have to be prepared to compromise our programs to address the calling. This is the path of the spiritual seeker.


For lots of us on the spiritual path, this duration of sacrifice is for a restricted time, maybe as long as a couple of years maybe. The astrology indicates time frames of deep transformation. Some of the planetary cycles last several months, others several years. This is a time of isolation that can be felt as the dark night of the soul.  It is a need to separate oneself from one’s usual social lifestyle when the character or ego experiences a duration of turmoil; a makeover where body and subconscious remain in alignment with a new means of soul.

When balance is accomplished, the seeker reemerges in her world, changed and ready to participate. At this point we do not simply select up where we ended. We are not the same as before and we are called to  cultivate the nurturing of our new self and keep in balance our body, mind and spirit.