The 12th House in Astrology

How many planets do you have in your 12th house? The 12th house is a key to spiritual enlightenment and development. In a spiritual astrology reading, uncovering planets in your 12th house, the ruler of your 12th house, where that planet resides, the aspect to is, as well as transits moving through your 12th house bring We could discover much from the unconscious. In its most noble manifestation, we will certainly be motivated to be philanthropic. If we learn our lessons, both previous as well as present, we are additionally better outfitted to move on. The Twelfth House compels us to seek closure in a spiritual method as an aid to favorable growth.


Our subconscious strives to illuminate the part of self that goes around and around repeating the same mistakes; attempting to make meaning of our lives. During difficult transits we are faced with our griefs, suffering and the tricks we use to avoid our true selves and hide from others. Inevitably, we are also faced with our destiny: fate. Here we fulfill up with the results of whatever we have actually done. What is the purpose and meaning in our lives? This is a vital question of the Twelfth House. What is it all for?  Will the response to that quest trigger deep change? Or will we seek ways to hide and disappear?

Do you have the same difficulties in relationships again and again? Do you have chronic money issues even though you have a good salary? Do you drink or use drugs even when you know it isn’t good for you or impacts your life in a negative way? Look to the 12th house to see where you could make mistakes and problems. The 12th house is a place where our own self destructive mechanism are at work, that which is hidden and at times that which we fear.

While some say that the Twelfth House is the most negative house of the astrology chart, it’s truly an unfair term. Ultimately, this house is the champion of deep and profound transformation. By going to the subconscious as well as facing the past, we start to realize we are our own co-creators in life and this exposes what the future will bring.

The last house of the zodiac likewise represents where we feel bound in life– stuck and also constrained. For this reason it is the house of prisons, hospitals, monasteries, asylums as well as any other place that inhibits freedom. In addition the Twelfth house is where one looks to know about secret enemies.

The Twelfth House is ruled by the planet that is on the sign of your 12th house, the “natural” rulers of the 12th house are considered Jupiter and Neptune.

Astrology books repeat that the twelfth house is the house of karma and also of bondage. Yet it is likewise potentially the area of moving beyond the constraints of this world and reaching spiritual understanding. What the natal twelfth house suggests is just how you can get in touch with your spiritual self and live a more enlightened life. It does not claim whether you will or will not reach it. But it informs you something concerning the nature and hidden enemies or sabotage habits that you will have to handle; it gives you way of looking into your subconscious. And it recommends the best means to take care of your self-sabotage as well as illuminating parts of your subconscious.

Since the 12th house is what is hidden from us, that which is in the shadows, the only method to take care of a darkness is to brighten it by shining the light on what we fear. It is not to become scared or frozen up. The imaginary (or real) demons haunting us vanish if subjected to the light of understanding and insight.

The Twelfth House is generally described as the House of the Unconscious.

If you have numerous planets in the 12th house seek a spiritual life for your health as well as your inner peace and happiness. Tapping into the intuitive side and learning this aspect of self can stimulate your personal growth and evolution in this lifetime and it also helps us cope with our failures and disappointments. Success vs. failure: do we purposely challenge our lives or unconsciously move things under the typical rug? This sector of the chart could more appropriately be called the house of reckoning, since facing what is hidden can be our deepest fear.

Delving into the meaning and analysis of the 12th house in your astrology chart is essential for a spiritual astrology reading. It will identify what to work on, what to overcome, and the best ways or systems that you can use to accelerate your spiritual growth. Do not fear the 12th house, see it as a friend from which it pulls back the curtain to reveal what and who is really running the show of your life. In this way you are able to confront problems from an evolved and conscious stance and move forward in your spiritual journey quicker.