The Role Of Neptune for the Spiritual Seeker

Neptune in astrology represents the yearning to come to be One with all that is, The IAM that IAM,  in a state of total state of acceptance and unconditional love.


As a spiritual seeker it is important to understand Neptune in your chart. The journey of the mystic is aligned in some ways with Neptune. If you are wanting to explore and expand your spiritual life then analyze Neptune in your astrology chart, look to the house that it occupies, the sign it is in, (although that is the same for a generation of individuals) and look for where the sign of Pisces fall in your chart. That is, what house have the sign of Pisces on the cusp, as that house and the area of life it represents will be ruled by Neptune and offer you a glimpse of how to access your spiritual growth.


Wherever Neptune is found in your chart you will not always have the ability to see things clearly, from a realistic/materialistic perspective. It’s like you are using rose-colored glasses and see the ideal potential of what can be, as opposed to the nitty-gritty fact of the present circumstance. These are  areas where you could experience happiness as well as a sensation of Oneness with life.

As an example, if your Neptune is situated in the 7th House, you will fantasize that your companion will end up being ‘the optimal’ you look for until eventually, when your blinders drop away, you realize who the person actually is. The challenge is to function within the context of ‘exactly what is’ and also see the other person on a more practical, sensible degree. Then there is the potential for the ideal to be realized as the true fundamental stamina of the relationship is exposed. For instance, instead of wishing your companion will transform to be the person you know they could be, you could have a sincere discussion about what you desire in a the relationship and either let it go or accept the reality of what it is, and what it is not.

If Neptune is on the ascendant or conjunct the Sun, it can create times of self- deception that could prevent us from seeing the world as it is, instead of what one wants it to be or how it should be. However this is also the symbol and sign of the spiritual seeker, artist, and mystic. It is a person who is less concerned about the material life and whose destiny it is to explore the illusive life.

The sign your Neptune was in when you were born shows what your generation seeks as the ultimate of the possibility that the sign represents. For example, if your Neptune is located in the Sign of Libra, you look for a perfect partner as well as idealistic consistency in your partnerships. With Neptune in Sagittarius, you seek your perfect of liberty in life situations.

The challenge of Neptune is to be able to be in this world and not of it. Are you are seeing the truth of a situation?  If so then have the courage to face what is and move towards what could be.

The higher purpose or goal of Neptune is compassionate understanding, non judgement and unconditional love– the opening of your heart to the experience of ongoing, nonstop satisfaction as well as bliss through identifying that “ALL of this is me”. The on-going acknowledgment of Oneness with all.

Neptune spends 14 years in each Sign

Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces


Imagining, bliss, hypnosis, abandonment, concern, idealism, sensitivity, meditation, bliss, Divine Love, mysticism, understanding of subtle energies, genuine love, meekness, positive humility, compassion, visions, psychic capacities, as well as Oneness.


Illusion/ deception, fog, complication, avoidance (drugs, alcohol, too much resting, dependencies), dream, confusion, deception, disappointment, and dissolution